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TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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WUK is an acronym for “Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus”, roughly meaning “House for Workshops and Culture”.

Constructed in the 19th century as a locomotive factory, the WUK building was peacefully seized by activists who struggled for an autonomous cultural centre in 1981. This take-over was inspired and driven by the ideas and claims of the 70s for the realisation of an understanding of culture encompassing all areas of life.

Today the association WUK with its 12.000 m2 area is one of the biggest sociocultural centres in Europe – a space for artistic production and a wide array of events. The WUK is also home to some 150 house groups and initiatives, organized in the autonomous sectors dance/theatre/performance, music, visual arts, workshops, sociopolitical initiatives, children/youth, and intercultural initiatives and operates a number of educational and counselling projects for workforce integration.

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Trans Europe Halles

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a European based network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists. It provides a dynamic forum for ideas, networking and exchange. TEH has 80 members and associates all over Europe.

TEH promotes, encourages, supports and advocates for cultural centres initiated by civil society. The network aims to contribute to building a sustainable future for the independent cultural sector. TEH does so by making accessible the knowledge of its members and its own experience of more than 30 years.

The members of TEH have an unique experience and knowledge of how to transform abandoned industrial and commercial buildings into vibrant cultural hubs together with artists and the community.

As a network, it has gathered and refined the experience of its members and used it for building successful international projects. These usually have a strong focus on professional development and mobility for cultural Professionals. 

Apart from the international project, one of the main activities of the network are also the international meetings that are organised all around Europe twice a year. TEH Meetings gather all the members, invited guests and relevant stakeholders around specific topics linked to arts, culture and society.