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TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Wheelchair Ballet

Workshop with Vera Rosner and Lau Lukkarila, DanceAbility


Eisenstiege, Flieger

Wheelchair Ballet invites you to see the world from the perspective of a ‘sitter’ for two hours! We will explore the technical aspects of the wheelchair as well as the realm of creative movement in them.

Vera Rosner is an Austrian wheelchair dancer and one of the founders of DanceAbility Austria. Lau Lukkarila is a Finnish performer and a DanceAbility teacher.

Come and feel welcome to politicise your movement!

DanceAbility is a way of dancing open for everyone – for experienced or less experienced dancers, for people with or without disabilities. In their workshops DanceAbility employs improvisation in order to foster an experience of equality and respect between people with and without special needs. In this artistic research DanceAbility seeks to discover the things that connect us.

The aim of the workshop is to let people develop their own body language and follow their own interests and desires, to trust their intuition and find their own space.

Max. 20 participants
first come-first served

Special thanks to Matzka Rehatechnik.