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The Capitalism Tribunal

at brut Wien


brut Wien, Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Wien

The Capitalism Tribunal hears the putative crimes of European capitalism. To do so, from May 1 to 12, 2016, brut, a performative arts venue in Vienna, will be repurposed as a court of law.

The Capitalism Tribunal constitutes an extrapositive court trial following the tradition of the Nuremberg trials, the Russell Tribunal, and the Ministries Trial. Its aim is a fair account of the putative crimes of capitalism as a means of learning for the future. The Tribunal is based on the assumption that more and more people detect an increasing lack of freedom and inequity. At the same time, an ecological disaster presents itself to them. The applicable law and their sense of justice are drifting apart.

Every living person is allowed to raise charges on From May 2015 until March 2016 more than 370 cases have been registered, which are available to all online. Charges will be pressed in all of the cases in May 2016. Experts who have already confirmed their participation in the Tribunal in May include economist and sociologist Saskia Sassen, philosopher Srecko Horvat, liberal system theorist Louis Klein, agricultural economist Fetewei Tarekegn, climate policy expert Tadzio Müller, and the executive director of the Club of Rome, Alexander Stefes. Reaching a verdict will take place at Werk X, Vienna, this November.

The Capitalism Tribunal is a project by the Berlin-based Haus Bartleby e. V. – Zentrum für Karriereverweigerung together with brut Vienna and Werk X and is supported by, amongst others, the Club of Rome, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Schedule of the Capitalism Tribunal

1 May 2016, 19.00:
Grand opening ceremony and book release
Presentation of the project and the book ‘Das Kapitalismustribunal’ (Passagen-Verlag, Vienna)

4 – 10 May 2016
Trial opening and hearings at brut
with simultaneous translation to English
each day 12.00 – 17.00: Trial opening and hearings (free admission)
each day 19.00 – 21.00: Reflection, analysis, discussions with experts (programme and tickets on

12 May 2016, 21.00:
Closing event at brut

The project is to be continued soon.

Capitalism Tribunal
brut Wien
Haus Bartleby