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TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar

Main Hall

Shantel is one of the most impressive live spectacles around! There is likely no other German artist who can bring the audience into such a fervour, whether in a metropolis in Greece, Italy, or France or at mega rock festivals like Glastonbury or Roskilde. When he and his Bucovina Club Orkestar infuse the complete stage with life and crystallise global sounds into compact, anarchic hymns, then eclecticism and escapism are not all that distant cousins. No worries: The hood is alright.

Stefan Hantel, Shantel’s real name by birth, travels with a German passport and is a true cosmopolitan. He comes from a culturally diverse family: His mother has Romanian-Jewish roots; his Ukrainian grandmother had to flee from Bucovina during World War II. His father, on the other hand, had a Greek grandfather, so the young Shantel always spent his summer holidays in Greece. That was the beginning of a longstanding love for people and culture, which you can hear in his music.

The most recent studio album ‘Viva Diaspora’ is strongly influenced by the crisis-riddled, anarchic-creative city of Athens. ‘Viva Diaspora’ is a bold act and a position at the same time: This is how acoustic, traditional, and Mediterranean songs can sound today, and this is also how they can manifest in a contemporary party context. So it is no surprise that one of his biggest hits is called ‘Disko Disko Partizani!’