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JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble & Willi Landl

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Planing, sawing, sanding, lathing – that’s what one usually associates with a workshop. And indeed, JazzWerkstatt Wien – the jazz workshop Vienna – is somehow similar to the industrious activities ado in a handcraft shop. For behind the name of this initiative founded in 2004 are a wide variety of artistic activities. There’s a half-dozen bands consisting of the six collective heads and different line-ups; countless other groups that the JazzWerkstatt provides a stage for during their annual festival; and last but not least, an own label. It is a platform where a young generation of Austrian musicians pursue a bold, creative approach to the grand tradition of jazz and further develop it outside of the mainstream.

The in-house ‘New Ensemble’ is dedicated to contemporary jazz – between acoustic and electronic, experimental and pop. The programme around singer and songwriter Willi Landl had its world premiere at the 2015 Wiener Festwochen.

‘Willi Landl’s simple and slithery vocals are like a one-of-a-kind goodie bag – between art song and pop. How did he manage to create his own language, which no one but him can sing but everyone can understand? Full of strange poetry the queer Viennese jazz singer sings of sex fantasies in the train, the splendour of nude swimming, and the monotony of things: alcohol, dogs, love. Great!’ (transl. from Falter)

Clemens Wenger – keys. Peter Rom – guit. Bernd Satzinger – bass. Lukas König – drums. Leo Riegler – electronics. Clemens Salesny – reeds. feat. Willi Landl – voc.

JazzWerkstatt Wien