the emancipatory
potential of
cultural practice

TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Main Hall

My dear pretty, bright Viennese maiden! Wild Viennese street urchin! Adventurous girl from the Alsergrund hood, sleek intellectual downtown urbanites of the world! Come one, come all to FUCKHEAD where we will talk in tongues about things we don’t yet know we know!

Cheerful people with dirty hands, ecstatics, fragile opera singers. Deep frequencies, furious stroboscopes, raging geometries, tender songs, devotion, trash and pulp. The old world will have sweet dreams under the thunder of the speakers, the blitz of the stroboscope. The new world is not yet born. Instead come the monsters. And together we rise up to heaven on Ascension Day. To sit at the right hand of the Big Other, whom we anyway invented for ourselves.

So freedom doesn’t overwhelm us in the end. Cheers, hurrah!

Fuckhead (AT) started out in 1988 as an industrial duo. In time, performative elements have taken on an important role in the shows of the group around Didi Bruckmayr. Fuckhead’s performances are hard to top in terms of intensity, brute energy, and physicality.