the emancipatory
potential of
cultural practice

TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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All infos about the conference can be found in the It's (about) politics booklet.

Booklet (pdf, 5.2 mb)

It's (about) politics - power and powerlessness?

How do European cultural centres find their way between power and powerlessness? A commentary from Martin Wassermair, moderator of the conference.
Published in: WUK monthly programme brochure, issue May 2016.

Wassermair commentary (pdf, 281 kb)

Der Raum als Manöver

Philipp Leeb talks with Susanna Rade, part of the It's (about) politics team, about the upcoming conference.
Published in: WUK Info Intern (newspaper of the WUK association), issue April 2016 (in German)

Info Intern April 2016 (pdf, 60 kb)

Frühlingssonne und Gewitterwolken

A personal review about the It's (about) politics conference and 81. TEH Meeting from Margit Wolfsberger.
Published in: WUK Info Intern (newspaper of the WUK association), issue June 2016 (in German)

Info Intern June 2016 (pdf, 3.1 mb)

The WUK Socio-Cultural Centre

WUK’s organisational structure comprises of three pillars: Cultural Productions, WUK Education and Counselling as well as the WUK Socio-Cultural Centre which is organised in seven self-organised sectors. Read more about their self-conception here.

WUK Socio-Cultural Centre (pdf, 256 kb)


Recommendations of books and texts regarding the conference topic from speakers and the conference team.

Bibliography (pdf, 157 kb)