the emancipatory
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TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Centres, Squares and Zones

Inventing Time/Spaces of the Political

Film screening and talk with Angelika Fitz, Sandy Fitzgerald, Ina Ivanceanu, and Gin Müller. Moderation: Peter Grabher


Staircase 1, Museum

The award-winning documentary film ‘Free Spaces’ stimulates thought about the significance of concrete spaces for emancipatory politics. The film follows artists in Tbilisi/Georgia, Yerevan/Armenia, Chisinau/Moldavia, and Kiev/Ukraine as they claim their right to the city with wit, chutzpah, and creativity: A cinema is squatted, an old Soviet circus reactivated, a bleak subway passageway transformed into a glamorous spot, a defunct factory ground converted into a cultural agora. We see how urban spaces are transfigured and take on a different state of matter through sociocultural machines. Like revolutionary movements, these artistic movements form ‘war machines’, which have ‘nothing to do with war but with a particular way of occupying, taking up space-time, or inventing new space-times’. (Gilles Deleuze). The discussion after the screening invites the audience to explore such Time/Spaces of the Political from an artistic and cultural angle.

Free Spaces. Director: Ina Ivanceanu, Luxembourg/Austria 2015, 60 min, original with subtitles.,