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TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Gender in the economy

Workshop with Alyssa Schneebaum


Staircase 5, Initiative space

In this session we will deal with the question of why and how a person’s gender makes a difference in economic relations and outcomes, and how these economic relations affect our social and cultural lives.

Starting with the question of how a person’s gender is related to the social expectations about their economic interests and capabilities – and how these perceptions are constructed and reproduced in cultural and political projects – we then look at the facts of gender inequality in the economy and try to understand them. Why, for example, do women still earn less than men for the same work all over the world? Why do men and women do different types of jobs? Why are women now more likely than men to obtain an advanced degree, and is that going to close the wage and wealth gaps?

This session is designed for any person who is interested in gender inequality and for people who are interested in understanding the social and cultural processes that affect our economic lives. The workshop should make clear to participants that identity – whether it be gender, age, migration background, or anything else (and the intersections of these identities) – matters in how we experience the economy, and that the economy and economic relations are very important in forming our identities.

Participants do not need any previous knowledge of the economy or gender relations. The session will consist of a lecture (about 45 minutes) and then active discussion for another 45 minutes.