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TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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We don’t need no education

Potential, traps, and ambiguity of educational work in cultural centres

Workshop with Herbert Maly and Marc Scheer


Staircase 4, School

This working group is a follow-up of the workshop that took place during the TEH Meeting in Budapest, November 2015. It deals with a particular segment of work in cultural centres: educational work. Naming this area of work already raises the first question: Does the term ‘educational work’ correspond with the actual activities in the centres? Exploring educational activities in cultural centres the workshop will address questions such as:

What is the motivation for educational activities in cultural centres?
What is actually done in this segment called educational work?
What does quality mean in this working field?
Who are the people doing the work? What are their competences?
Does the notion of education embrace what is actually done? And if not:
What is the right terminology to provide a framework that corresponds with the so-called educational work in the centre and the accompanying ideas and concepts?

Previous participation in the Budapest workshop is not obligatory for this session.

For those interested in educational themes we would also recommend the workshop Political Effectiveness? Education!