the emancipatory
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TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Radio studio to go

Mobile reporting with smartphone & digital editing

Workshop with Florian Danhel and Margit Wolfsberger


Staircase 5, Group space

Being able to realise a complete radio production (from recording to editing and broadcasting) with one single, relatively small device would enhance political action with a very rapid means of communicating events and complement online reports with the audio component – hearing what is said. This possibility exists, at least theoretically, with the smartphone or tablet. But in practice an extra laptop or PC is useful, above all, for the post-production of audio recordings and preparing more complex features.

In the workshop apps for recording with smartphones (Voice Record Pro for iOS, Hi-Q MP3 Recorder for Android) will be introduced and tested in the field. In the second part of the workshop five-minute audio montages about the conference will be produced with the open source editing program Audacity. These files will be broadcasted in a special report on ORANGE 94.0, Vienna’s free radio station, and can be later listened to on the TEH Conference website and other social media channels.

Please bring the following for the workshop: smartphone and headphones, recharger. If available: wind protection for smartphone and laptop with recharger cable. Please install a free version of one of the suggested apps and the digital editing software Audacity, version 2.1.2.,