the emancipatory
potential of
cultural practice

TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Manoeuvre in urban space

How does your body perceive dynamics of public life?

Workshop with Theatre Open Space


Eisenstiege, Flieger

Theatre Open Space – aka TOS – trains methods for performative interventions in urban space. The project is conceived as a laboratory, workshop, and an experimental ground. TOS investigates the role that the individual plays in an urban fabric composed of actions and relationships. How can we circumvent the control and regulative mechanisms of urban space through collective action and contribute to sharpening political awareness?

Participants of the workshop are invited to an intensification of self, external, spatial, and group perception with their whole bodies. The aim is to act as a coordinated community, discussing politically and socially virulent topics through physical expression. An expandable repertoire of movements will be developed together with the participants. TOS’ working method builds upon the performative abstraction of everyday modes of movement. Experiments are made with ‘building blocks’, basic elements such as walking, standing, changing directions, and simple gestures.

The three-hour workshop consists of a training session in WUK and a subsequent intervention in urban space.