the emancipatory
potential of
cultural practice

TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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How do we do it?

Free media and cultural-political groundwork

Lecture and discussion with Barbara Eppensteiner


Staircase 4, School

When it comes to sociopolitical positions, objectives, and target groups there are numerous overlaps between independent cultural centres and free media. Both encourage and support artistic and cultural statements and forms of expression beyond the mainstream, both strive for low-threshold access to culture, and often the open availability of the means of production is also up for discussion. The shortage of resources is another similarity, one that regularly causes problems when thinking about concrete cooperations.

And often one side has only a vague idea about what the other is doing. The lecture outlines the potentials of free media in the context of cultural education and groundwork with a cultural-political agenda and takes a look at which new forms of collaboration could possibly be initiated. A central proposal is thus that the respective fields could learn from each other and generate more public awareness together. But also that the respective delimitations have to be kept in mind in a successful cooperation.