the emancipatory
potential of
cultural practice

TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Future was yesterday?

What can we learn about the historical roots of political movements?

Workshop with Andrea Hiller


Staircase 4, School

Taking into account the roots of alternative cultural centres and the corresponding histories in the 1970s, we will investigate questions about the characteristics of political movements. What can the analysis of their histories provide for political actions in the present? What are our personal ‘lessons learnt’ from experiences working in free and alternative cultural centres and organisations?

The workshop participants analyse the transformation of the symbols and language of the political over the last decades and examine the shift of power structures since the 70s. We will discuss the impact that cultural centres gave or could give to social and political movements. How can they be influential and support change in a complex society between capitalist logic and growing inequalities?

Following an introduction to the topic the workshop participants will have space and time to find their most important questions and realms of interest. The aim of the workshop is to collect and generate awareness about the meaning of being ‘political’ in present day realities.

The '70s. Talkin' 'Bout Future.
Exhibition at Museum Schallaburg, Lower Austria.