the emancipatory
potential of
cultural practice

TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Finding common ground

The idea of Europe Grand Central

Workshop with Marcus Haraldsson, and the EGC-team


Staircase 5, Harry Spiegel space

Humans are prejudiced. Research shows that we align ourselves in groups and discriminate between ‘us’ and ‘them’, whether we believe it or not. Social polarisation can become a vicious circle and really hard to break. But knowing about our own patterns can help us break them.

The vision of Europe Grand Central – which TEH is project partner of – is to transform the perception of ‘border crossings’ from suspicion into curiosity. Seven independent art and cultural centres and networks across Europe seek to empower under and misrepresented individuals and groups through storytelling. The projects are organised around themes of borders – the space between two entities – because all people cross them. The aim is to find, develop, and share the best possible methods of inclusion, engagement, and border exploration with audiences and with each other.

This workshop is a hands-on training, sharing, and learning exercise. How can cultural organisations remain open and inviting, also in an increasingly hostile environment? How do cultural organisations act as cultural middlemen and meeting points when the middle ground is shifting? We begin with a brief research background on prejudice, group identity, and borders and then move on to exemplify concrete methods of inclusion and how it is practised amongst the partners of Europe Grand Central. And how you can be involved, too.