the emancipatory
potential of
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TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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The art of solidarity

Workshop with Monika Mokre


Staircase 1, Museum

In the last years a diverse range of art projects have been created together with refugees. That’s a positive development: While traumatic events of their migration are often presented by others and in a documentary form, art projects give refugees the opportunity to present their experiences themselves and, if desired, by using artistic forms of alienation. This confrontation prompts the audience to think and act further. Not least, art projects are one of the few possibilities for refugees to legally earn money.

On the other hand, these projects also pose numerous questions which largely correspond with those that generally arise in solidarity movements of refugees and their supporters: How is collective political action possible amongst people with radically different means and privileges? How can solidarity, thus mutual responsibility and support, be understood and practically implemented in such a situation?

The workshop outlines concepts of solidarity and possibilities of their translation into a joint activism of refugees and supporters – but also the limitations and failures of this translation. Furthermore, examples of such art projects will be presented, and participants are invited to share and discuss their own experiences and assessments of art projects in this field.