the emancipatory
potential of
cultural practice

TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Coordinates of independence

Workshop with Nebojša Milikić


Staircase 5, Turkish space

The inquiry* and discussion will focus on conditions and parameters of independent cultural and artistic production in different socio-economic settings where TEH organisations operate.

The understanding and definition of personal or an organisation’s independence in the domain of cultural and artistic work might be disputable, yet the main coordinates would probably relate to unconstrained intellectual invention and expression, freedom of speech and action, the non-interference of state or other power structures in the concept and content of productions, etc. When finance, profitability, sponsorships, donations, and contractual obligations are also taken into account, things might become opaque.

Today, in particular, the austerity-related reforms or disintegration of many public services, which supported the development of various non-commercial cultural practices, have produced an overwhelming atmosphere in which no one cares about how and what is or isn’t happening in independent cultural and artistic production.

In the discussion the results of the inquiry as well as other possible approaches and understandings of independent positioning and work in culture and arts will be collaboratively analysed.

* The inquiry will be conducted during the registration process. It is not obligatory, and it will be informal and anonymous. The goal of inquiry is to detect attitudes of the participants that could or should be taken into account when we think or speak about independence.