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TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Crisis strategies in Europe

Authoritarian neoliberalism, green capitalism, or the good life for all?

Workshop with Ulrich Brand


Staircase 1, Museum

This workshop outlines recent developments in Europe and expands on the thesis that the answer of elitist groups to the crisis of European capitalism resides in an authoritarian turn. Capitalist growth must be dynamised at all costs.

The problem remains that ‘re-starting the engine of economic growth’ continues to have a hegemonic orientation, i.e. it is deeply inscribed in societal positions and practices. Since 2008 these policies are being countered from the reformist side with strategies of a Green Economy. On the one hand, they acknowledge the multiple character of the crisis but will tend to contribute to an authoritative and selective modernisation of capitalism without tackling the roots of the crisis.

Social movements, pioneers of change, and critical intellectuals think and act under notions such as ‘good life for all’, degrowth, solidarity economy, or social-ecological transformation. Albeit these are not free of contradictions either.

Following a short input lecture and discussion, participants exchange their own experiences in working groups in order to present and reflect upon them in a joint discussion round.