the emancipatory
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TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Work for a political success

And then be prepared for it

Workshop with Torsten Reitler


Staircase 4, School

Since 2007 the independent cultural scene of Leipzig, Germany, has been trying to organise itself and to become involved in the processes of political decision-making in the municipality. One of the main goals was achieved by increasing public funding for the independent scene up to 5% (more than 5 million EUR per year) of the overall cultural budget. Other goals are still unachieved. Some goals still have to be defined. The Leipzig model is both a best practice example and a case study.

This workshop is about solidarity, self-confidence, self-organisation, and strategies of how to deal with politicians and institutions. Does the independent cultural scene have common political goals? How can they be achieved? And what happens then? This workshop is for everyone who is interested in advocacy, lobbying, and cultural politics. Participants will gain inspiration and ideas for their own political work.