the emancipatory
potential of
cultural practice

TEH Meeting 81
WUK, Vienna

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Political Effectiveness? Education!

Lecture, discussion, and excursion with Marcel Franke, Mischa G. Hendel, Margarita Langstöger, and Christoph Trauner


spacelab, Sachsenplatz 4-6, 1200 Wien

WUK assumes a special position in the network of TEH, which is owed to the fact that two-thirds of the staff are employed in projects focused on education and counselling rather than cultural productions. With reference to WUK’s 35 years of experience in this field, this session will concentrate on the significance that a commitment to issues of employment and social policies holds for WUK today, and how deeply political this work has been in the past and still is today.

To start, Margarita Langstöger, former employee of the WUK Youth Project (WUK Jugendprojekt), the first educational project, will recount the beginnings of the engagement with labour market issues in the WUK.
Following a joint excursion to one of the sites of spacelab, an internationally renowned best practice project that aims to support adolescents at risk of exclusion, Christoph Trauner, manager of WUK Education and Counselling (WUK Bildung und Beratung), will elaborate upon the conception of educational activities within the projects of WUK in this realm.
Marcel Franke, a coach with spacelab, will then give a tour of the premises to all those interested. Participants learn about the project itself and gain insights into how the initially described principles are transferred into practice.

Meeting point: 15.00, WUK, exit Severingasse


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